Sonoran Institute LogoIn advance of the Sonoran Institute’s Nov. 16 meeting in Tubac to further explore public opinion on our river’s issues and value, I’ve agreed to help them run a short (5 minutes) survey of people walking on the Anza Trail (rather than just depend on internet survey responses or those from meeting attendees). I think this on-site survey has potential to help FOSCR understand who actually visits the river, and why.
Can any of you help with this survey? It’s a tight schedule, since we want to finish a couple of days before the Sonoran Institute meeting, so between this weekend and Nov. 14.
I was thinking of doing 1-hour shifts myself, especially during the next two weekends, in the morning and evening. It would be great to get surveys done at different trailheads along the river: Tubac, Tumacacori, Palo Parado (Richard Williams Trailhead), and Rio Rico (Guy Tobin Trailhead). We could add Las Lagunas (Meadow Hills, at the north end of Nogales) as well if we have the volunteers for that site.
If you can help, please contact Sherry Sass at: