FOSCR’s New Video: “Flirting with Disaster”

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Flirting With Disaster: Eroding Sewer Pipe Threatens Santa Cruz River

The International Outfall Interceptor (the “IOI”) sewage pipe is in danger of rupturing, spewing raw sewage and industrial waste over the poor border city of Nogales, Arizona, and into the Santa Cruz River watershed. The Federal government needs to fix the problem, caused by years of neglect, overuse, and sediment flows largely from across the border in Nogales, Mexico.

To draw attention to the major international issue, FOSCR has commissioned a video, Flirting With Disaster.”

Critical Issues:

  • Binational sewage pipe (“IOI”) through Ambos Nogales needs repair SOON!
  • If the IOI breaks, the whole population of Nogales, Arizona will be exposed to raw sewage and industrial waste since it is downstream of Nogales, Sonora and the IOI runs right through the city.
  • Plans are already in place for a partial fix (“cure-in-place pipe”). They only need the funds released to proceed.
  • Nogales, AZ is a small, poor city that uses only a small part of the IOI and most of sewage in IOI is Mexican.
  • Nogales, Sonora has serious drainage problems that need IBWC intervention to fix so erosion damage to border infrastructure like the IOI is minimized.
  • It is the International Boundary and Water Commission’s (IBWC) job to protect our border environment. Congress needs to fund it so it can do its job to protect Americans from real border threats.

How You Can Help:

1. Please share this video with your friends and on social media!
2. Contact these public officials. Feel free to use the “Critical Issues” above as your talking points.

For questions or assistance, contact Friends of the Santa Cruz River at

Friends of the Santa Cruz River