The Flow

The Flow

Our Newsletter: THE  FLOW

Friends of the Santa Cruz River (FOSCR) publishes The Flow whenever we have the time and articles to put one together, usually twice a year. Our first issue was typed and Xeroxed in 1991. We are now in the digital age, but it may take some time for us to scan the old “analog” issues and get them online. However, keep checking back to this page if you’d like to look at the older issues.

THE FLOW includes news about FOSCR events and projects, well-researched information about the river’s life and functions, and updates on issues affecting the river. FOSCR members write most articles, but we do accept appropriate articles from other authors. If you would like to submit an article for The Flow or have a river-related issue you’d like to see in print, please contact our Editor Lah-May Bremer at [email protected].

These back issues of THE FLOW are available.

The Flow, November 2023

The Flow, November 2019

The Flow, December 2017

The Flow, December 2016

The Flow, October 2015

The Flow, March 2015

The Flow, March 2014

The Flow, September 2013

The Flow, April 2013