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FOSCR was formed in 1991 to “ensure a continued flow of the river’s surface waters, promote the highest river water quality achievable, and to protect and restore the riparian ecosystem and diversity of life supported by the river’s waters.” Our non-profit, all-volunteer group focuses on the portion of the river from its headwaters in the San Rafael Valley in Arizona, south into Mexico, and then north to through Santa Cruz County, AZ to the Pima County line. We work with riverside landowners, government agencies, and other citizens and community groups to keep the river flowing, its banks clean and green, and its environment bountiful to both wildlife and people. The river has no water or land rights. So it is up to us, who care about its survival, to advocate for it, to be a voice for the Santa Cruz. 


The more of us that speak, the stronger the voice!

9th Annual Santa Cruz River Research Days

Cleanup Volunteers Rock!

Thanks to community volunteers, the river cleanup day was a huge success.
Watch a cool time-lapse video of the efforts.
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Work on Nogales Wash. Photo Courtesy U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Work on Nogales Wash.
Photo Courtesy U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

IOI Cross-border Sewer Line Updates

Just as FOSCR warned, the IOI cross-border sewer line ruptured north of Nogales city limits spilling raw sewage into the Nogales Wash. A state of emergency is declare as “millions of gallons of raw sewage and heavy metal contaminants from Mexico are currently spilling out and into the Nogales Wash and the Santa Cruz River.”